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Any organization is only as strong as its membership. 
Since it was formed in 1978 the Old Dominion Historical Fire Society
has grown from a small group of friends interested in fire trucks
to a strong voice in fire service history. 

One thing has not changed since those early days. 
Like the fire service from which we
have grown our purpose, our membership has always been a family.

The photo above represents the membership during those early days. 
Taken in the late 80’s by Richmond Newspapers at a Club “cook out” and
“work day” it captured that spirit. 
Almost half of those in this photo are no longer with us. 
Their names you will find listed below.

From early “covered dish dinners” when we had no money. 
To member’s moms and dads, sons and daughters
who made our musters work. 
We owe a deep gratitude to all those that have worked
so hard to get to where we are today.

Today we find that children and grandchildren of our
earliest members are also our newest members, and our future.

The following list, the “Memorial Roster” is to Honor those that have
given so much in time and energy often behind the scene
that we can continue to grow.

May they never be forgotten…..

Memorial Roster

M = Member 
S = Spouse   
F = Family of Member 
A = Associate or Affiliate Member

DATE          NAME          Status Remarks
1/3/1982Brady T. EllisMFirst recorded death of a
member posted in Torchbearer
Fall 1985Mrs. Pat GraySWife of member Sam Gray
5/6/1988Margaret RayM/S/FWife of Bill Ray and Mother of
Co-Founder Tommy Herman
1/28/1990Robert T. CrutchfieldALODD, Danville Fire Department
1/28/1990Vernon D. DeShazorALODD, Danville Fire Department
Summer 1992Lyle SmithMExact date of passing unknown
8/04/1992Thomas Wayne KiddMSon of Pres. Wayne Kidd &
Memorial Fund established
Fall 1992Ms. Shirley HedgesMExact date of passing unknown
11/09/1992 Calvin "Sparky" DavisMMaster Gold Leaf Artist
5/01/1995Robert E. White, Sr.M"Bob White" Memorial Established
5/26/1997F. Ron CloptonMCo-Founder ODHFS, Treasurer,
& Chief of Bensley VFD
12/21/1998William C. "Bill" RayM/FFather of Co-Founder
Tom Herman
12/13/1999Irene M. KiddFMother of Wayne Kidd
9/11/2001343 Members of FDNYFDarkest Day in the history of
the fire service "Never Forget"
Summer 2001Mildred WhitlowSWife of Member Hugh Whitlow
12/03/2001Kenneth R. HerrellMMember of Ladysmith VFD
11/26/2003William L. SchillingM 
Nov. 2003Jim DurkeeMExact date of passing unknown
2/02/2004Jack FremeauM 
1/16/2005Wayne C. HessMHess Fund established
3/26/2005Francis G. GwaltneySWife of Granville Gwaltney
6/28/2005Meade ConyersALong time Volunteer CFD Co. 1
9/22/2005James E. ChandlerFFather of Debbie Herman
10/19/2005Robert L. FairM 
1/29/2006Dr. Nathaniel Ray TuckM 
3/30/2006Maureen PatinaSWife of John Patina
4/30/2006Joseph B. Bunting, Sr.FFather of Joe Bunting, Jr.
5/27/2006Theresa L. ReddSWife of Member R.L. Redd
6/14/2006Evelyn W. HendersonFMother-in-Law of Sid Brewbaker
6/19/2006Kathryn G. HuffmanFDaughter of Granville Gwaltney
11/22/2006Ione HoppesFMother of Frank Hoppes
12/10/2006Garrett Scott PriceMSon of Member Ed Price
??/2007Betty RohrbackFMother of Bob Rohrback
3/14/2007 Margaret MurpheyFMother-in-Law of Harry Tesh
4/16/2007Matthew G. GwaltneyFGrandson of Granville Gwaltney,
died in the VA Tech tragedy
12/06/2007William "Bill" HudginsM 
12/13/2007Leonard Q. KiddFFather of Wayne Kidd
1/23/2008Diana D. MauckFDaughter of C. R. Bunky Day
5/19/2008Barbara F. ShornakFMother of Sheila Beasley
6/11/2008Annabelle ThomasFMother of Randal Thomas
7/10/2008Hazel H. CohronFMother of Richard Cohron
7/18/2008Dianne HoppesSWife of Frank Hoppes
8/30/2008Christine CloutierSWife of Steve Cloutier
2/12/2009Susanne A. HooverSWife of George Hoover
3/16/2009Bonnie M. EllisSWife of Chuck Ellis III
5/26/2009Harry L. Day, Jr.FFather of H. Lee Day III
??/2009Clark MartinMPast Deputy Chief Fairfax City FD
??/2009Marvin G. HardingMFather of Bruce Harding
??/2010Jessie J. NewtonFFather of Tony Newton
7/26/2010Chief Posey W. DillonALODD Rocky Mount VFD
7/26/2010William D. AlticeALODD Rocky Mount VFD
9/16/2010C. Bunky DayM 
1/21/2011Majorie MauriceFMother of Carl Maurice
2/06/2012JoAnne B. JohnsonFMother of Nollie Neil
4/13/2012Carol E. JamesFMother of George E. Miles
5/9/2012Benny C. RidpathM 
6/8/2012John PatinaM 
7/14/2012Gene LichtmanM 
??/2012Steve CombsM 
10/18/2012Willie L. JonesMFather of Bill Jones
??/2012Kathy GanderSWife of George Gander
??/2013Mrs. James ChandlerFMother of Debbie Herman
2/03/2013William R. "Bill" CookMPast Western Region Director
??/2013Esther RollinsonFMother of Chip Rollinson
??/2013Noreen L. FisherSWife of Jerry Fisher
??/2013Kenneth LlewellynFFather of Ken Llewellyn
??/2013Lucielle HarveyFMother of Doug Perry
??/2013Lois M. LongFMother of David Fitzgerald
11/21/2013Sid BrewbakerMPast ODHFS Officer & Director
1/31/2014Jack L. SlagleMOwner of Jack L. Slagle Fire
Equipment Co., South Boston, VA
4/26/2014Henry Jete Edmonda IVM 
7/10/2014Catherine Lee CollinsFStep Daughter of Frank Hoppes
8/7/2014Richard F.Saunders, Sr.FFather of Mike Saunders
??/2014Charles HenshawFFather of Tim Henshaw
??/2014James "Jim" Hart IIIM 
4/4/2015Virginia U. PriceFMother of Ed Price
07/06/2015Steve HooverMMember of the Northern Region
from 1995 to 2015
??/2015Richard SmithFFather of "Smitty" Smith
10/2015John R. AcreM 
12/19/2015Sandy KiddSWife of Wayne Kidd
12/27/2015Mary Eileen SchindelFDaughter of Mike Dubus
12/31/2015Nan FarissFMother of Rob Fariss
2/29/2016H. Carter FisherMfrom Warrenton, VA
4/13/2016Michael T. DubusMODHFS Treasurer; only 3rd person
to hold that position in the ODHFS
2/4/2017Tony NewtonMMember of the Southwestern
Region 1995 to 2017


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