2017 UPDATE! Restoring a 1939 303 Series GMC cabover fire engine
Tue. Apr 4th 2017

ODHFS Member Mike Denbar is restoring another fire engine. This time it's a 1939 303 series GMC cabover fire engine from the Gordonsville, VA VFD.

Mike has posted a ton of photos about the restoration progress on a website for ODHFS members who might be interested. Awesome project!

April 3, 2017 UPDATE:

Mike sent along updated photos of the ongoing restoration of the 1939  Gordonsville 303 series GMC cabover fire engine. This unique rig was designed by the Gordonsville, Va.  volunteer firefighters in 1938-1939 and shows tremendous creativity with the fire fighters safety in mind. The truck has 4 doors, the rear doors accessing two large bench seats that allowed the fire fighters to ride within the safety of the cab. The unit began as a 1 ½ ton cab and chassis that was modified by the L.R. Hunter Co. of either Roanoke, Va. or Charlotte, N.C. To date, no  information has been found about this company. The L.R. Hunter Co. removed the cab, installed an American Marsh 500 gal/min pump, plumbing  and linkages, and painted the chassis red rather than the factory black. They also cut the back out of the factory cab and constructed the cabin and hose bed in a one of a kind design. When recovered for restoration, the truck was virtually non-restorable. Common sense would have dictated to leave well enough alone, but the truck is so unique that caution was thrown to the wind and restoration began. The cab was non-restorable. An extra cab was located in Massachusetts. The back was cut off the cab, the front cut off the truck, the two welded together, the body removed from the chassis, the chassis restored, the body restoration begun with a lot of new steel welded in and the two again paired. These photos, though not necessarily in chronological order, portray some of this process. By completion, well over 1000 pounds of new steel and custom fabricated panels will have been welded into the restored truck. Mike Denbar can be contacted at his email msdenbar@cox.net if desired  for more information.

Click here: First Series of Photos: 02/2015 - 1939 303 series GMC cabover fire engine

Click here: Series 2 of Photos: 04/2017 - Ongoing Restoration 

Click here: Series 3 of Photos: 04/2017 - More of the Ongoing Restoration

Click here: Series 4 of Photos: 04/2017 - Even more of the Ongoing Restoration

1939 303 series GMC cabover fire engine
1939 303 series GMC cabover fire engine
Progress to date!
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