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The Best Firefighter Calendars for 2018
While there are no prizes for being named a top calendar here on Fire Critic, there are bragging rights...and ultimately the purpose of this post is to help sell more calendars which will help out more charities.
Video: Lehigh County, PA 2 Alarm House Fire
Tuesday afternoon crews were dispatched to the 1700 Blk of Butz Rd for a reported house fire. Crews arrived on location to a working fire in the garage extending to the home and quickly struck a 2nd alarm. Crews put multiple lines in service to knock down the fire, the fire was placed under control about an hour into the job.....
Helmet Cam: San Bernardino Firefighters Battle Fire in Victorville.
On Friday October 6th, 2017 San Bernardino County Fire responded to a structure fire in the 16000 block of Pepper Tree Dr. in the city of Victorville. County fire responded with a total of 4 paramedic engines, 1 truck company, 1 paramedic squad, 1 chief officer and 1 fire investigator for a total of 19 personnel. The fire was knocked down in approx. 15 minutes. There were no injuries to civilians or firefighters. The cause is under investigation. 
Helmet Cam: Hanford, CA House Fire
Hanford California Firefighters fought a house fire on October 24th in the 400 block of Grangeville Blvd.
Watch the NFFF Memorial Weekend (11 Videos)
October 7-8th was the 36th Annual National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend. 95 names of firefighters who died in the line of duty were added to the Memorial. 75 firefighters who died in 2016 and 20 who died in previous years.
Watch Live: NFFF Memorial Service at 10:00 am
The service will feature musical selections by members of the fire service and survivors of fallen firefighters in tribute to the fallen fire heroes being honored this year. Families of firefighters being honored will create special luminaria used in this service.
15+ Online Resources Every Firefighter Should Know
Below are just some of the online resources to firefighters that we should know about and utilize. I am sure others will have more resources to look for that in the future!
Videos: Dekalb, GA House Fire
The first video is a view from behind the house. The second video is from a drone on the front side overhead. The fire occurred on Monday afternoon in Lithonia (Dekalb County) on North Hileah Court. 
This Video Might Show Benefits of the 360 Walkaround
Admit it, rarely is there a 360 walk around done at fires. At least not the fires I have been to...both of them. ha.  Sure, a lot of times we are afforded the view of 3 or 4 sides just on the approach.
Rolling Hot: Denver Fire. Mini-Series Follows Station 26 in Denver, CO
At any moment, the next call can come in and the firefighters are never really sure what they are about to encounter as they roll out of the station. Ride the rigs of Denver Fire Department's Station 26 on real adventures with real firefighters!
Helmet Cam: Vacant Structure Fire with Occupied Exposure
This was a vacant house fire with an occupied apartment building as an exposure. 1st due had fire thru the roof of the vacant upon arrival and started knocking with a handline and tank water as NO plug was available.
Video: Close-Up Video of House Fire in PA
Monday afternoon Lehigh County transmitted a box assignment for 495 Green Street North Catasauqua, PA for a house fire.
Helmet Cam: Sacramento Apartment Fire
Video by: Christian Madrigal. Video info: 7/28/17 --Structure Fire balanced to a Commercial Apartment Fire in Sacramento, CA.
The Best Firefighter Owned Leather Shops!
One thing to note is that many of these shops have their own special design look. If you look through the list, you will find almost all of them excel in their craft and make excellent products. 
Back to Back Commercial Fires in Stockton, CA (2 Videos)
On June 18th, 2017, Stockton Firefighters responded to back to back working commercial structure fires. These fires occurred during a week long, triple digit heat wave. Stockton Firefighters worked quickly to contain the first blaze with minimal damages to a charitable organization. The second fire was out of control upon arrival, and a complete loss after extinguishment.
Why I Walked Away…and Why I am Coming Back!
I have now gotten to a point that I am ready to re-invest some of my time back into this site and all it has to offer. Why though? Well simply because of the investment and I have made in the past and the enjoyment I get out of it.
Helmet Camera Study Improves Life-Saving Decisions in the Fire Service
Cameras fitted on firefighters’ helmets have helped improve commanders’ decisions during emergencies.
MSA’s G1 iTIC Gives Fire Departments the Opportunity to Cost-effectively Equip Every Firefighter With Thermal Imaging Technology
We got to hang out with MSA today. Check out The Fire Critic Facebook page for more coverage. However, their iTIC continues to amaze me! You have to check out this awesome pack and technology!!!! MSA’s G1 iTIC Gives Fire Departments the Opportunity to Cost-effectively Equip Every Firefighter With Thermal Imaging Technology MSA’s G1 Integrated ...
FDIC 2017 Schedule – Check out MSA G1 & Black Diamond X2 Boots!
Willie, Andrew, Jared, and I will be in town on Wednesday for FDIC. We will be at the MSA booth, the Black Diamond Boots Booth, and the MSA party and NFFF SDRR to name a few events! See you there!
Helmet Cam Video: Pearl Street Apartment Fire in Oakland, CA
This morning, just after 5am, Oakland Firefighters responded to a structure fire on Pearl Street. Upon arrival, crews found a working fire with people trapped. Engine 1, Engine, 15, Engine 10, Truck 4 and Battalion 2 were initially dispatched. Command requested an additional engine and truck when rescues were confirmed. E5 and Truck 1 responded as the additional units.
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