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I began as a volunteer firefighter with the Sable-Altura Fire Protection District near Aurora, Colorado in 1985, and became a member of SPAAMFAA in 1987 on the invitation of Kevin Sweeney. I became a member of ODHFS in 1988 when I returned home to Gate City. I let that membership lapse after a short time as it's a long way from Gate City to the rest of Virginia -- even Claytor Lake -- where all the ODHFS activities are.

I continued my firefighter career as a volunteer with the Gate City Fire Department, and then as a paid-on-call firefighter with the City of Maryville, Tennessee, for a total of 20 years service. I was also a dispatcher for Kingsport TN Central Dispatch for four years.

I am the incorporator and a founding member, along with Tommy Herman and several others, of the East Tennessee Fire Historical Society SPAAMFAA chapter and am currently the treasurer.

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