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Sun. Oct 27th 2019

Welcome!  We have a new member in our Northern Region – welcome to Willie Shelton Jr. in the Fredericksburg area.  Thank you Willie for your interest in the ODHFS and we look forward to meeting with you at an ODHFS event, parade, muster, etc.

Also a Congratulations to our President Tom Herman and the Herman family.  For those of you who are members of SPAAMFAA and receive the Enjine! Enjine! publication, Tom’s 1967 Dodge/Oren pumper graced the back cover of that publication.  Nice photograph of the truck, as well as a nice write up.  The “Owner’s Pride” information really puts a story behind a truck, which I love.  For those of you who have not seen this unique and interesting fire truck, I am attaching several photographs.  Some time ago, Tom welcomed me to his home where I had the opportunity to photograph a part of his apparatus collection.  Let’s just say that was one fun visit.  I would be remiss not to put in a plug for SPAAMFAA.  For those who do not know, ODHFS is the Virginia Chapter of SPAAMFAA.  Both organizations are a wealth of information for those who appreciate antique fire apparatus.  Here is a link to SPAAMFAA:

More Congratulations…

On September 29th, the Hahn “Rooster Muster” occurred in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this muster which was a celebration of Hahn Fire Trucks.  Two of our Northern Region members won awards at this muster.  For “Best Hahn Aerial”, congratulations to Mark Olsen for his Manassas Hahn tower.  And for “Best Hahn Specialty”, congratulations to Ken Bacon for having both of his 1981 OWL Hahn engines (Woodbridge, Virginia) at the show.  Attaching photos of the trucks – Ken, my apologies, I only have photos of one of the 1981’s, when it was still marked up for Antioch, GA.  I need to catch up with you to photograph both marked as OWL.

Farmville, VA Muster

The Farmville, Virginia ODHFS muster/meeting held on September 28th was another nice event.  Unfortunately, that weekend was a busy one for a variety of antique fire truck events, including Farmville, Winchester, VA truck show, and the Hahn show mentioned above.  Efforts will be made in the future to try and not have these events occur on the same day.

One “call to action” was made during the business meeting, and I feel we can all help out.  ODHFS has a goal of 300 members.  At Farmville, it was announced that the membership total was 278.  Our own Willie Shelton from Fredericksburg makes it to 279 (way to go Willie!).  Our Northern Region is ODHFS’s largest region in terms of members.  If each of us just referred one person to ODHFS, we would destroy the 300 goal.  Please make it a point to refer someone.  Chances are pretty good that if you like antique fire trucks, you probably know someone else who does as well, and they may not be a member.  Who knows, maybe you even have two friends.  Let’s make this goal a reality in 2020.  Here is the link to the membership:

Remember to keep up to date with all ODHFS activities by visiting our web page frequently:  With our newsletter and the web page, lots of information to be shared.

Can you believe we are thinking about Apple Blossom 2020, and it is only October of 2019?  Activity is already underway for the 2020 event.

As you my already know, each year the Apple Blossom muster in Winchester is our primary event.  Apple Blossom has a long standing tradition of antique fire trucks and the event continues to be very popular for antique fire truck owners, ODHFS members, and the public.

What you might not realize is that each year the Northern Region of ODHFS helps contribute to the overall expenses of this event.  Yes, there are expenses.  Those include trophies, dash plaques, printing, etc.  For 2019, Apple Blossom expenses were about $1,000.  Please realize that the overall ODHFS club helps us offset these expenses by about 50%.  The rest is up to our Northern Region club.  For a number of years, we have contributed to the Apple Blossom funding via our Northern Region Annual Meeting auction, Apple Blossom raffle, flea market donation, etc.

This year, we are adding another component to help sponsor Apple Blossom, and specifically the awards.  We are giving our Northern Region members the opportunity to sponsor an Apple Blossom award category for the antique trucks, as well as sponsor the dash plaques.  Sponsorship means contributing money to ODHFS Northern Region to offset the cost of the trophies and dash plaques.  Unless a person wants the sponsorship to be anonymous, the sponsor will be thanked and mentioned during the award presentations, email communications, etc.  You might own a business and want the sponsorship to be in that name, or even an individual/family sponsorship – it all helps.

Here are the current sponsorships that are available:

$25 sponsorship – Privately owned vehicles

1800’s to 1949                  $25 sponsor needed
1950-1959                          $25 sponsor needed
1960-1969                          $25 sponsor needed
1970-1979                          $25 sponsor needed

$25 Fire Department owned sponsorship

1900-1949                          $25 sponsor needed
1950-1995                          $25 sponsor needed

$50 Sponsorship

Best Unrestored               $50 sponsor needed
Best Restored                    $50 sponsor needed
Best of Show                     $50 sponsor needed

$150 Sponsorship

Judges Choice                   $150 sponsor needed
Dash Plaques                     $200 sponsor needed

A great amount of effort goes into planning and coordinating the entire Apple Blossom day in Winchester.  Your consideration in sponsoring an award is a huge help to the ODHFS Northern Region.

Dave Gantt will be coordinating the Apple Blossom awards and sponsorships.  Please reach out to Dave either by phone or email if you can help with a sponsorship.  Dave can be reached via email at or by cell at (703) 973-7117.  Thank you Dave for your hard work and leadership with this project.

Mike Sanders, (571) 217-7246


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108 entries in the News

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