IFBA Notes from Recent Conference Call
Sun. Nov 3rd 2019

International Fire Buff Associates, Inc.
Conference Call

Saturday October 26, 2019
12:00 Noon EDT

Roll Call by Secretary.

  • Chairman Schaetzle
  • President Short
  • Secretary Mahoney
  • Executive VP Banks
  • 1st VP Ahrens
  • Past Pres. Garnett
  • Region 1 VP Beliveau
  • Region 3 VP Sullivan
  • Region 8 VP Cohen
  • Publicity Chair Nathan
  • Membership Chair Oliphant
  • Rick Cutts
  • Past President V. Mokros
  • Carolyn Wignall
  • Steve Korb
  • Mike DeWalt

Point of personal privilege by Wally Banks regarding medical emergency involving Peg McDonald from Toronto.

Carolyn Wignall updated group. Dave McDonald has elected to step aside as Region 10 VP. Discussion on Steve Garnett stepping into position.  Steve will poll Region member clubs at their meeting next week and report a nomination back to the Executive Vice President.  The Board will be advised, and a vote taken to select a new Region 10 Vice President by email.

Committee Positions discussion by Chair Schaetzle.

Looking for volunteers for Newsletter/Website Committee. Rick Cutts and Ira Cohen both stepping down.

Question regarding Steve Garnett being Chair of Past-Presidents Committee. Constitution and By-Laws does not specify.

Discussion on Group E-Mail issues. Will have discussion with Ian Duke and Tom Bilbrey

Rick Short briefed the group on the 2020 Convention.

Convention Dates: August 26-30, 2020
Inn at Opryland Hotel (Marriott Property), 2401 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, TN 37214

Room Rate is $139.00 per night plus taxes. No breakfast included, several options within walking distance. Shoulder rates 3 nights prior and 3 nights after convention.

Plan is to have Executive Board Meeting on August 25, 2020 with Opening Ceremony on August 26, 2020. Plans include a daylong trip on August 27, to Tennessee State Fire Academy along with trip to Jack Daniel’s Distillery and tour of JD Fire Department.

Spring Executive Board Meeting weekend of April 3 and 4, 2020.

Discussion on conventions beyond 2020. Joe Sullivan reported the New England SPAAMFAA organization is interested in having a joint national convention, possibly in 2022. Ken Beliveau reported currently no Region 1 IFBA club is interested in hosting/running a convention.

Rick Cutts stated the Box 52, (Boston area club) Executive Board has voted twice to not host an IFBA Convention due to the expense of the Boston marketplace for hotels, buses etc.

Wide ranging discussion on the issue of whether to hold a joint meeting/convention with SPAAMFAA and/or whether we can hold an annual meeting/convention in an area where an IFBA club is located. Wally Banks and Tom McDonald have volunteered to help groups negotiate hotel and bus contracts in order to encourage groups to hold conventions.  All the above referred to the Convention/Education Committee Ken Beliveau Chair to review these matters and make a recommendation.

Turn-Out Publication; Indy Publishing Group announced they were ceasing operation in Montreal in 2019.

Mike DeWalt from Washington, D.C. spoke about the issue and expressed an interest in working on the project. Suggested having three issues per year, one dedicated to publishing the various annual reports of the member clubs along with the annual report of the parent organization.  Turnout matter referred to the Resource Committee Ira Cohen Chair for review and a recommendation.

Chairman Schaetzle mentioned the need to have a subsequent conference call with Convention Committee members and the Resource Committee.

Steve Korb of Richmond, VA spoke about plans to host a convention in 2024.

Chris Oliphant spoke about applicants;

  • West Licking Fire Support Group; Licking County, Ohio

Call Ended at 1:15pm EDT.

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108 entries in the News

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