Old Dominion

ODHFS Central Region Work Day


On Saturday July 1st, 17 central region members congregated at Tom Herman’s FIRE TRUCK FARM for an all day open house, social & work day. The theme of the day was “THE ODHFS 1921 REO/BOYER PUMPER NEEDS TO SHINE”!

The Reo caretaker, Gary Hoerman, planned to take the Reo to The SPAAMFAA National Convention & Muster in Warwick RI the following week. IT had been quite a long time since we had put in effort to maintain the truck and it was time to spit & polish the old girl as well as update with some period correct equipment. The team came together & made it happen!

WE removed the home made extinguisher buckets & the building type soda acid extinguishers & replaced with a pair of all brass extinguisher buckets & installed FD type apparatus extinguishers. We also removed the underwriters playpipes & replaced with period correct FD type nozzles. All of the brass was polished out and just as importantly, needed maintenance was performed, every grease fitting was greased, completely checked over entire apparatus, loose nuts or bolts tightened, etc.

Photos of the day can be seen here!

NOTE: At The National Muster in RI, Gary was awarded a trophy for the 1921 REO!